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ghost Airdrop Bot Objectives

The GHOST Council and GHOST Community are responsible for governing and overseeing the GHOST native chain. The Council consists of up to 100 seats, 25 of which have already been allocated.

If you are interested in joining the GHOST Council, please contact the admins.

Figure 1. 25 out of 100 GHOST Council Seats Distributed

The target of the ghostAirdrop Bot is to distribute 5 GHOST Council Seats to the GHOST community.

To join the GHOST Council, follow these two steps:

Step 1 – Accumulate 250,000 GMV tokens

You can earn GMV tokens either individually or as part of a group. If you join as a group, you need to select a representative who will act on behalf of the group in the Council.

Step 2 – Get Approved by the GHOST Council

Introduce yourself to the GHOST Council and demonstrate how you can contribute to the network. GHOST is interested in expanding its network, improving marketing strategies, creating content, building the community, and more. There are many ways in which a GHOST Council member can help grow the GHOST Ecosystem.


To reach the GHOST Council, you must progress through 25 levels, with each group of five levels forming a phase. Additionally, every level and phase offers an enticing prize beyond the GMV rewards.

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose further details about these rewards at this time, but stay tuned for more information!

Phase Level GMV Balance Range
Phase 1 – Genius Level 1 0 – 75
Level 2 76 – 227
Level 3 228 – 570
Level 4 571 – 1,199
Level 5 1,200 – 2,199
Phase 2 – Degen Level 6 2,200 – 3,455
Level 7 3,456 – 5,011
Level 8 5,012 – 6,765
Level 9 6,766 – 8,795
Level 10 8,796 – 10,999
Phase 3 – Zombie Level 11 11,000 – 13,742
Level 12 13,743 – 17,178
Level 13 17,179 – 21,473
Level 14 21,474 – 26,842
Level 15 26,843 – 33,999
Phase 4 – Skeleton Level 16 34,000 – 41,942
Level 17 41,943 – 52,427
Level 18 52,428 – 65,534
Level 19 65,535 – 81,919
Level 20 81,920 – 99,999
Phase 5 – GHOST Level 21 100,000 – 127,999
Level 22 128,000 – 159,999
Level 23 160,000 – 199,998
Level 24 199,999 – 249,999
Level 25 250,000 – INFINITY
Figure 2. Phase & Level Structure

UPGRADE 2 – Share2Earn

GHOST will be publishing tweets on a daily basis, and Ghosties who like and retweet each tweet will earn FREE GMV tokens.

To ensure that the ghostAirdrop Bot records your likes and retweets via the Twitter API, be sure to link your personal Twitter account URL to the ghostAirdrop Bot.

It’s important to note that each tweet must be retweeted and liked separately. If multiple tweets are retweeted and liked at once, the Twitter API may not accurately process the data, and you may only receive a reward for one tweet.

UPGRADE 3 – Refer2Earn

With the new upgrade, referrers can earn even more GMV tokens. Simply bring new Ghosties to the ghostAirdrop Bot, and you’ll receive an ever-increasing GMV reward for each referral.

Total Referrals FREE GMV per Referral
1 – 10 1
11 – 100 2
101 – 1,000 3
1,000+ 5
Figure 3. Referral GMV Rewards
  • The first 10 referrals bring 1 GMV per referral.
  • The first 100 referrals bring 2 GMV per referral.
  • The first 1,000 referrals bring 3 GMV per referral, after which the reward goes up to 5 GMV tokens per referral.

Full schedule is presented in Figure 3. Join ghostAirdrop Bot to start earning FREE GMV today.

UPGRADE 4 – Message2Earn

Ghosties can also earn GMV tokens by actively engaging and participating in the GHOST community.

How? Simply send messages, and GMV tokens will be automatically awarded to you based on a uniform distribution.

On average, for every 10 messages sent, you will earn 1 GMV token. For 20 messages, you can expect to earn 2 GMV tokens, and so on.

All you need to do is stay active and show your support for the community!

UPGRADE 5 – Play2Earn

The most thrilling and captivating upgrade to the ghostAirdrop Bot is undoubtedly the new rules for the Dice and Slot Machine games, which allow Ghosties to earn an uncorrelated number of GMV tokens. With a combination of strategy and luck, the potential rewards are limitless!

New Dice Rules

Earn the difference. You bet, it is amazing!

For example:

  • Ghostie throws 6, GHOST God responds with 1 => Ghostie wins 5 GMV.
  • Ghostie throws 4, GHOST God responds with 2 => Ghostie wins 2 GMV.

There are Special Cases too:

  • Double 6 => Ghostie wins 12 GMV.
  • Double 5 => Ghostie loses 5 GMV.
  • Double 4 => Ghostie loses 4 GMV.
  • Double 3 => Ghostie loses 3 GMV.
  • Double 2 => Ghostie loses 2 GMV.
  • Double 1 => Ghostie breakevens.

Amazing way to earn FREE GMV tokens!

To play the Dice game:

New Slot Machine Rules

While the Dice game is focused on earning GMV tokens, Slot Machine game is focused on earning multipliers!

The Slot Machine has 4 combinations per slot: 7, grape, lemon, and BAR. The following rules apply with corresponding multiplier rewards, which can be found in Figure 4.

Combination GMV Reward
777 +60.00%



Pair in Any Order:





All slots are different +0.00%
Figure 4. Slot Machine Rewards
Please note that there is a fee of 6.00% of your GMV balance to play the game. However, if your balance is lower than 8 GMV, the game is completely free to play!

To play the Slot Machine game:

UPGRADE 6 – NFTs…did we just say NFTs??

We have a sneak peek for you: in future posts, we will cover NFT-based rewards. We are currently working on NFT gamification and NFT 2.0 integration based on the level reached. We will provide more information on this exciting development soon, so stay tuned!

UPGRADE 7 – Revamped Architecture for ghostAirdrop Bot

The latest upgrade to the ghostAirdrop Bot features a completely revamped architecture that offers users a more seamless experience. With the updated architecture, connecting Twitter and MetaMask accounts is straightforward and effortless, while playing Dice and Slot Machine in the GHOST community has never been easier.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of ghostAirdrop Bot!



Big Bonuses:

  • Earn exciting prizes by reaching new levels
  • Win GMV by throwing Dice and spinning Slot Machine, with unlimited potential rewards.

What is GHOST?

GHOST Ecosystem is at the forefront of decentralized cross-chain interoperability, providing the ability to transfer tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets across multiple blockchains.

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