5 Easy Steps To Earn Free GHOST Tokens

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You are currently viewing 5 Easy Steps To Earn Free GHOST Tokens

1. Join the ghostDAO Airdrop and ghostDAO Official Community

5 Easy Steps To Earn Free Ghost Step 1

Yes, by simply joining ghostDAO Airdrop you will receive 3 GHST tokens.

If you join ghostDAO Airdrop by following somebody’s referral link, you will receive 6 GHST tokens. Magic, isn’t it?

Ask around for a referral link or join ghostDAO Community and contact an admin!

2. ghostDAO Airdrop – Refer & Earn

5 Easy Steps To Earn Free Ghost Step 2

Do you have a channel or a group looking for the next amazing Airdrop?

Or maybe you have a network of friends interested in the mission of making private cross-chain transactions?

Or maybe you just want to earn some GHST tokens during this crypto meltdown?

Go to the Main Menu of ghostDAO Airdrop and press Refer & Earn or type /refer.

  • My referral link – You can retrieve your referral link here.
  • My referral message – You can retrieve your referral message here.
  • List of target groups – You can find the list of target groups to forward your referral link or referral message.
  • Forward my referral message – You can automatically forward your referral message to Telegram chat selected.

3. ghostDAO Airdrop – Promote & Earn

5 Easy Steps To Earn Free Ghost Step 3

Would you like to monetize your Twitter likes and retweets?

Very simple!

Go to the Main Menu of ghostDAO Airdrop and press Promote & Earn or type /promote.

  1. Connect Twitter
    • Drop the URL of your Twitter. This step is required to ensure you can receive GHST rewards.
  2. Like & Share Tweets
    • You can find the list of Tweets that you can Like and Retweet. You will receive 1 GHST token for every Like and Retweet. Make sure you both Like and Retweet. Otherwise, the reward will not be accumulated.
  3. Propose Tweets
    • Would you like to create an interesting Tweet about GHOST Chain, ghostDAO, or ghostDAO airdrop?

Easy! Post a Tweet with #realGhostChain and #ghostDAO hashtags and earn 2 GHST tokens.

4. ghostDAO Airdrop – Giveaway

5 Easy Steps To Earn Free Ghost Step 4

Did I hear the word Giveaway? You bet!

ghostDAO Giveaways take place every 2 hours. All you have to do is join ghostDAO Airdrop to participate. 50 GHST Tokens get allocated to 5 random Ghosties who registered in the ghostDAO Airdrop every 2 hours!!

Go to the Main Menu of ghostDAO Airdrop and press Giveaway or type /giveaway to learn more about the amazing prizes.

  1. Subscribe ghostDAO: Telegram, Twitter, Medium
  2. Connect Metamask – Drop your Ethereum Metamask public key. Please do NOT include your private key.
  3. Giveaway Schedule – Learn more about recent winners and GHST Prize Distribution.
  4. Daily Bonus – There is also a Daily Bonus arbitrarily selected by the GHOST God for being active in the Telegram group.

To receive the Daily Bonus all you need to do is:

MULTIPLIER BONUS: Yes, you heard it right!

Every Week 3 Lucky Ghosties are selected to Multiply their entire GHST balance by a multiple of 4X, 3X and 2X respectively!

Multiplier Bonus Rewards can be found under Giveaway Schedule or /schedule.

5. ghostDAO Official Community – Roll a Dice

There is another exciting opportunity to earn FREE GHST tokens! Make sure to join the ghostDAO Airdrop first! Then join ghostDAO Community and roll a Dice: type in :dice 🎲 and press Enter. Every time you beat the GHOST God you receive 1 GHST!

What is ghostDAO?

ghostDAO is the future of interoperability and governance in web3. ghostDAO will allow anyone to transfer assets from one chain to another. The best part is that ghostDAO is chain and DApp agnostic.

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