ghostDAO Airdrop $1,000,000,000 Giveaway

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It has been the 2nd week since the official launch of the ghostDAO Airdrop on May 25, 2022. An unheard amount of $360 million worth of $GHST token has been allocated among loyal Ghostie Army. Almost 3,000 Ghosties have joined the Ghost Community with more 13,000+ members partaking in ghostDAO Airdrop. The Largest Crypto Airdrop in History continues!

A highly growing community of ghostDAO Community is scheduled to receive $1,000,000,000 in GHST rewards.
Currently, ghostDAO Airdrop has already distributed $360,623,807 of the $GHST rewards and is running out very quickly. The Leaderboard of the Top 25 Ghostie Referrers is presented below:

1 Dinh Xuan
2 Danz Synister
3 Huy Nguyễn
4 Lê T.Hạ Linh
5 Nam Nguyễn
6 KT Hiu
7 Gia Hân
8 Hyeu Wu
11 intan pradiwati
12 Hera
13 پردرآمدترین کانال ایردراپ لینک بیو
14 Sahl
15 Hasib 🧸
16 Tommy Tèo
17 DekNanda | Never DM You First
18 Nayyar Abbas
19 Register 2.0 ✪
20 jemblem
21 Ayib jR | @AyibChanel 🇲🇨
22 MD Rasel
23 Airdrop Kingdom
24 General Radahn || Glorya
25 🤕Luna Holder🥺

FREE GHST can be earned in a number of different ways:

  1. Refer & Earn👻
  2. Promote & Earn👍
  3. Giveaway 🎁

ghostDAO App is already deployed on one of the Ethereum Testnets (Rinkeby), and will be redeployed on the Ethereum MainNet in the nearest future.

GHST is a utility token on EVM-compatible chains and a utility native coin on the GHOST Chain. GHST token/coin empowers GHOST Chain cross-chain interoperability and privacy.

What is ghostDAO?

ghostDAO is the future of interoperability and governance in web3. ghostDAO will allow anyone to transfer assets from one chain to another. The best part is that ghostDAO is chain and DApp agnostic.

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