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Recent global economic performance coupled with unstable market conditions have drastically decreased the purchasing power of an average Joe. The developing nations are facing the brunt of the financial decline leaving fewer options for economic advancement.

In addition, we are witnessing an unprecedented correlation between the performance of the crypto market and the old financial institutions eliminating diversification opportunities individuals once had.

Fortunately there is a path forward, GHOST Protocol. GHOST Protocol is an emerging ecosystem that will revolutionize the relationship between web3 and the crypto community. GHOST Protocol’s Privacy and Cross-Chain Interoperability features enable any token, NFT, and dApp become cross-chain interoperable with top-notch privacy features.

GHOST Ecosystem contains two major pillars:

  • GHOST Chain
  • ghostDAO dApp

How GHOST Ecosystem Works


GHOST Chain is a meta-chain enabling bridging any EVM-compatible chains with decentralized governance. Astral-VM – a native virtual machine – is empowering privacy to any transaction with built-in Zero-Knowledge framework.

ghostDAO dApp is a DeFi 2.0 application focused on bringing liquidity to GHOST Chain bridges. ghostDAO dApp is going to be launched on every EVM-compatible chain and bridged through the GHOST Chain to enable the following amazing possibilities:

  • Cross-Chain DEX
  • Cross-Chain Staking Arbitrage
  • Cross-Chain Price Arbitrage
  • Cross-Chain Flash Loans

ghostDAO decided to launch the Airdrop to help crypto comrades earn FREE GHST Coins! Participation in the ghostDAO Airdrop Bot is absolutely free and easy. All you have to do is follow the link and join the ghostDAO Airdrop Bot.

You can earn FREE GHST in many engaging activities:

  • 👻 Refer & Earn – invite your friends and earn FREE GHST. Forward your referral link to your friends and communities, and get awarded for every sign-up!
  • 👍 Promote & Earn – like and share tweets to easily earn FREE GHST! You can also suggest your own amazing tweets with #realGhostChain and #ghostDAO hashtags!
  • 🎁 Giveaway – subscribe to ghostDAO Social Media and connect your MetaMask to participate in amazing Giveaways!


Having only beta launched the ghostDAO Airdrop Bot a month ago it has attracted a loyal community. Due to unprecedented level of engagement, the Ghostie community has received 3,334 GHST tokens, a number that is experiencing a continuing upward trend. We’re planning to distribute 1,000,000 GHST tokens through the Airdrop Initiative in the next couple of weeks.

Don’t wait any longer, become a Ghostie by joining the ghostDAO Airdrop Bot.

What is ghostDAO?

ghostDAO is the future of interoperability and governance in web3. ghostDAO will allow anyone to transfer assets from one chain to another. The best part is that ghostDAO is chain and DApp agnostic.

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