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ghostAirdrop Overview

GHOST is proud to announce that ghostAirdrop is now live on the Ethereum mainnet marking the beginning of the first-ever Web3 affiliate program.

Through ghostAirdrop, users can earn utility GMV tokens by inviting friends to claim free gNFTs. The rewards for gNFTs are steadily increasing, allowing anyone to become a member of the GHOST Council in no time.

How to claim your free gNFT?

Claiming gNFT is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps:

Step 0. Go to ghostAirdrop

Step 1. Choose one of the 16 available chains

Step 2. Connect your MetaMask wallet

Figure 1. ghostAirdrop Homepage.

Step 3: After successfully claiming your free gNFT, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard, where you will receive a unique personal affiliate link.

Figure 2. ghostAirdrop Dashboard.

Step 4: Share your personal affiliate link with your friends, and start earning FREE GMV tokens completely on-chain.

ghostAirdrop Logic

ghostAirdrop has two intriguing dynamics incorporated into it. Firstly, the GMV referral reward is based on a sigmoid function and increases with more referrals. The initial GMV referral reward starts at 4 GMV tokens and gradually increases to 10 GMV tokens per referral.

Secondly, every referral reward enhances the rarity of your gNFT. The John McAfee Legacy (JML) NFT Collection utilizes the DynamicPreset of ERC721Envious standard, resulting in your JML gNFT dynamically improving on-chain, which adds value to your gNFT with every referral.

Figure 3. GMV Referral Rewards on ghostAirdrop.

The JML NFT Collection is made up of 71,202 one-of-a-kind gNFTs, which are divided into five primary phases: genius, degen, zombie, skeleton, and GHOST.

Figure 4. 5 General Phases of JML NFT Collection.

As more GMV rewards are earned through on-chain referrals, the JML gNFT will progressively increase in level and phase. The rarity of the gNFT is also increasing exponentially, with Level 1 having 19,565 gNFTs, while only 729 unique gNFTs are available on Level 25.

To see John McAfee Legacy (JML) NFT Collection for yourself, click here.

ghostAidrop-Now-Live-on-Ethereum-Mainnet-Figure 5 GMV Balance Per Level
Figure 5. GMV Balance Per Level.

The ghostAirdrop Bot also offers the opportunity to earn GMV tokens entirely off-chain. For more information, click here.

ghostAirdrop Rules

The target of the ghostAirdrop is to distribute 5 GHOST Council Seats to the GHOST community.

To join the GHOST Council, follow these two steps:


You can earn GMV tokens either individually or as part of a group. If you join as a group, you need to select a representative who will act on behalf of the group in the Council.


Introduce yourself to the GHOST Council and demonstrate how you can contribute to the network. GHOST is interested in expanding its network, improving marketing strategies, creating content, building the community, and more. There are many ways in which a GHOST Council member can help grow the GHOST Ecosystem.

ghostAirdrop <> ghostNFT

The ghostAirdrop is seamlessly integrated with the ghostNFT platform, which allows users to view additional information about their gNFT and enhance its rarity by adding more collateral. The ghostNFT also enables users to explore other JML gNFTs and examine their standings.

Figure 6. ghostAirdrop is integrated with ghostNFT.

About ghostAirdrop

ghostAirdrop is the first-ever Web3 affiliate program that allows John McAfee (JML) NFT Collection owners to earn GMV tokens by referring users to claim free JML NFTs across 16 EVM chains.

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